U.S. Foreign Policy
Pulling back from Latin America will lead to gains in the region for Russia, China and others, warns the former vice president.
When the ambassador to Panama resigned his post, U.S. diplomacy lost one of its most talented Latin America hands.
The U.S. shouldn't ignore the geopolitical advantages of having good neighbors.
U.S. Companies Can Operate, But Trust Must Come First
Scholars have less influence over Washington policymaking than they like to think.

Summer has never been an uneventful period for U.S. President Barack Obama, ever since becoming a candidate for the Presidency in 2007. His dip in political support and public approval often occurs during the sunny months of the summer.  This year is no exception.

A new poll by the Atlantic Council released yesterday found that a majority of Americans are now in favor of stabilizing U.S.-Cuba relations.

The U.S-Colombia FTA isn't just about rewarding an ally. It also makes economic sense for U.S. workers--in many ways a more compelling argument for the agreement.

Does the Obama adminstration have a foreign policy for Latin America? Yes

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