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Directors Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schémbori explore one of Paraguay's most baffling obsessions.
A poetic film from one of Argentina's bright young directors.
Hollywood has a history of depicting the border in black and white. We could all use a few more shades of gray.
A Nobel Prize-winning author returns to his rural home town in this dark Argentine comedy.
Mexican filmmakers' success in Hollywood and beyond didn't come overnight.
The country's first Oscar-nominated feature film takes a clear-eyed view of colonialism and its legacy.
Aldemar Matias is an Amazonian filmmaker with an eye for social impact.

El Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana comenzó en 1979 y se repite cada diciembre. Es una oportunidad única para conocer a cineastas reconocidos y prometedores en América Latina. Es el lugar donde recién conocí al actor René Esquivel.


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