A wave of abuses suggests some soldiers never really adapted to democracy.
An interview with a UN peacekeeping veteran who says combat units are far more effective with a strong female presence.
A special report on the armed forces – why they're ascendant again, what they really want and what it means for democracies.
The false notion that the armed forces are inherently cleaner is dangerous to democracy in Latin America.
Countries are empowering generals to deal with critical policy challenges. They are missing the point.
Mexico’s president is still popular, but his security strategy isn’t. That spells trouble for his presidency.
The anti-crime package in Congress now may not be enough to fight transnational gangs.
A common denominator unites Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Mexico’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
Without independent players, corruption and crime will continue to plague Mexico.
Brazil’s biggest gang has expanded across the region. Confronting them head-on might just make the problem worse.


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