Evo Morales
Fear, vendettas, and intrigue risk driving Bolivia’s presidential race more than the country’s everyday problems.
Coup or not, Morales' exit left chaos both sides should come together to fix.
Whoever emerges as Bolivia’s president is likely to face social unrest not seen for years.
In his controversial push for a fourth term, Evo Morales faces another former president.
Uncertainty at the polls and over the economy mark Bolivia’s Oct. 20 presidential elections.
Why Bolivia’s leading opposition candidate has lost momentum.
Ahead of next year's election, criticism surrounds Evo Morales' efforts to take advantage of a global energy trend.
Tensions are growing between Bolivia's government and civil society ahead of climate talks

Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz said yesterday in a press conference that the country rejected any possible mediation from the Pope in a dispute with Bolivia over sovereign access through Chile to the Pacific Ocean that dates back to the nineteenth century.

A block of six presidents—representing Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba—snubbed the two-day Cumbre Iberoamericana (Ibero-American Summit).


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