A broad look at how we got here, from the director of the Institute of Latin American Studies at Columbia University.
The lender’s emergency role means it must always deal with risk, a former official writes.
Countries are empowering generals to deal with critical policy challenges. They are missing the point.
Una fiscal que hace historia está sacudiendo Quito con audaces investigaciones sobre los poderosos.
A history-making prosecutor is shaking up Quito with bold investigations into the powerful.
To fix Ecuador's struggling economy, Moreno will need to break from his predecessor – without alienating his supporters.
The pope calling gender choice “terrible” may slow the region’s fledgling trans rights movement, but a series of legal victories are cause for optimism.
Human rights issues shade Obama's visits to Cuba and Argentina. Plus: Colombia faces peace deadline; Venezuela goes on a long holiday; and more.
More than a few surprises await in this bustling Andean capital.

As an emerging global power and an established leader in Latin America, Brazil is better positioned than any other country to either provide shelter or silently watch the demise of the oldest human rights organ of the continent.


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