Automation is coming to the Americas - sooner than we think.
Brazil's "adult in the room" wants to undo President Bolsonaro's damage. But his mission could backfire spectacularly.
Many Latin Americans are delighted by China’s growing presence — and largesse. But there is a clear need for change.
Technology is feeding China’s growing middle class’ taste for Latin flavors.
Jair Bolsonaro talked tough on China during his campaign, but his tone has changed now that he’s in office. Deep business ties help explain why.
China’s interest in the region has cooled — and that trend will continue, writes a leading expert on Sino-Latin America ties.
Un trato de territorio e impuestos se convierte en una fuente de tensión en China – y una señal de su creciente interés en América Central.
Jair Bolsonaro pegou pesado contra a China durante a campanha. Mas mudou o tom depois que assumiu a presidência. Fortes laços comerciais ajudam a explicar por quê.
Jair Bolsonaro habló en un tono severo sobre China durante su campaña. Pero esto ha cambiado después de que asumió la presidencia. Los profundos lazos económicos son la explicación.
Los bienes de consumo chinos, desde drones a bicicletas, están ganando terreno en América Latina.


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