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REACTION: Will Lula Run in Brazil’s 2022 Election?

Analysts react to the surprise court decision on March 8.


Brazilian Democracy Is Holding Up — But the Biggest Test Will Come in 2022

Jair Bolsonaro has so far fallen short of the worst doomsday predictions of becoming an authoritarian ruler.


Argentina and the IMF: Another Default in the Works?

A different outcome may still be possible, a leading emerging-market economist writes.

Public Health

Brazil’s Handling of COVID-19 Is a Global Emergency

Even with deaths at all-time highs, Bolsonaro continues to undermine efforts to address the pandemic.

Central America

It’s Not Just El Salvador. Democracies Are Weakening Across Central America.

Nayib Bukele isn’t the only reason to worry for regional democracies.


Companies Should Examine Their Troubled Pasts – Before Courts Do It for Them

A 20-year-old case in Colombia illustrates the growing push for accountability.


How Honduras Complicates Biden’s Policy Reset in Central America

The longtime U.S. partner will test the administration’s anti-corruption push.


Inside Chile’s World-Class Vaccination Campaign

Chile’s success on vaccines started in the pandemic’s early months, says Dr. Izkia Siches, a leader of the country’s strategy.


The Self-Defeating Politics Behind Bolsonaro’s Pro-Gun Agenda

Brazil’s president tries to please his base ahead of the 2022 election – to their likely detriment.


Blackout Politics: AMLO’s Energy Plan Will Backfire

AMLO’s push to expand state control over energy markets is misguided and harmful.


Leopoldo López: Venezuela Needs Unity at Home and Abroad

“Venezuelan democrats have an obligation to reunify,” writes a leader in exile.


Colombia Went Big on Migration. Will Others Follow?

Duque’s plan to expand protections for Venezuelans could set a precedent for the region.


Vaccine Diplomacy: A New Cold War

Russia and China have stepped up their influence in Latin America, complicating President Biden’s hopes of hemispheric dialogue.

El Salvador

Surprise: El Salvador’s Anti-Corruption Commission Is Alive. But Can It Succeed?

Bukele is strengthening his grip on the country amid renewed political violence. 


WEBCAST: How Organized Crime Is Evolving in Mexico & Central America

AS/COA and FIU host a discussion on organized crime and its effects on migration.

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