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AQ Podcast: Changes in Venezuela

What signs of an economic shift mean for U.S.-Venezuela relations and the opposition to Nicolás Maduro.
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A modest degree of change appears to be underway in Venezuela. There are signs that a years-long economic crisis may finally have bottomed out. And the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro looks set to return to negotiations with opposition leaders after calling off talks last October. How much if any hope should these developments generate for a potential political and economic opening? What do they mean for Venezuela’s relationships with the U.S. and other international actors? And what’s the long game for chavismo as Maduro’s government faces pressure at home and abroad? Raúl Stolk, director of the news site Caracas Chronicles, joins the AQ podcast for an in-depth conversation on Venezuela’s future.

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Raúl Stolk is the director of Caracas Chronicles

Brian Winter is AQ’s editor-in-chief

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