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Mexican Gubernatorial Candidate Bows Out of Race

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In what some are suggesting was a strategic move to keep a party out of power, a candidate in the race for governor in Mexico’s Guerrero state has dropped out and endorsed his opponent. On Wednesday, Marcos Parra Gomez of the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) announced that he would instead encourage his followers to support Ángel Aguirre of the Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD). Aguirre is in a close race with Manuel Anorve, the mayor of Acapulco and member of the previously-dominant Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI). Elections will be held on Sunday, January 30.

In Guerrero, Acapulco is the major port for automobile exports to the Pacific region and critical for Mexico’s ability to take full advantage of the “over 25 trade and investment agreements signed from 1985 to 2009,” as noted by Eva Paus in the Winter AQ (released today). Improving security will be a priority for the new governor.

In his announcement—just five days before the election—Parra said he “seeks the best thing for the people of Guerrero.” The decision was made in conjunction with the PAN’s National Executive Committee, whose officials have often emphasized the need to prevent the PRI from returning to power and who last year forged coalitions with the PRD in other states to this end.

Responding to the announcement in a press conference, a representative from the PRI’s Executive National Committee said the new alliance “goes beyond the ambition for power for power’s sake.” Spokesman Roberto Padilla Márquez said the state of Guerrero should not be seen “as a piece in a game of chess” to ultimately win the presidency of the Republic of Mexico.

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