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Latin America's Top 5 Anti-Corruption Figures

These leaders in government, civil society and media are breathing new life into the anti-corruption movement.
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This article is adapted from AQ’s latest issue on Latin America's anti-corruption movement. | Leer en español

As Latin America's anti-corruption movement has shown, tackling impunity requires innovation and plenty of persistence. In our latest Top 5, AQ profiles exceptional figures from government, civil society and the media who are working to strengthen institutions in creative and unprecedented ways. 

They include Diana Salazar, who at 37 became Ecuador's youngest ever attorney general after prosecuting high-profile corruption cases such as Odebrecht and FIFAgate. Luiz Antonio Marrey, a former head of Honduras' OAS-backed anti-corruption body, worked to build an effective judiciary in a region where the rule of law has long been fragile.

Our list also highlights prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, whose legal pursuit of Peru’s former presidents has gained him celebrity status at home, and journalist Nayeli Roldán, who has used her platform at Animal Político to expose widespread fraud in Mexico’s government.

Finally, Mercedes de Freitas has defied Maduro’s regime in the name of anti-corruption as the head of Transparencia Venezuela. Together, this diverse group shows the strength of Latin America's anti-corruption fight, even in the face of formidable obstacles. 

AQ Top 5 Anti-Corruption Figures: Diana Salazar

A history-making prosecutor is shaking up Quito with bold investigations into the powerful.

AQ Top 5 Anti-Corruption Figures: Luiz Antonio Marrey

A year in Honduras gave the veteran Brazilian prosecutor new perspectives on institution building.

AQ Top 5 Anti-Corruption Figures: Nayeli Roldán

The Mexican journalist's investigations helped shine a light on corruption at the top echelons of politics.

AQ Top 5 Anti-Corruption Figures: José Domingo Pérez

By investigating three former presidents, this public prosecutor has made a name for himself in Peru.

AQ Top 5 Anti-Corruption Figures: Mercedes de Freitas

As her country spirals into chaos, Mercedes de Freitas tackles corruption with data.
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