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Unique Indigenous Poetry and Art Highlight AQ's Latest Culture Issue

"Cultura" is a twice-yearly feature on music, art and literature in our hemisphere. In this edition: Indigenous Voices
Liliana Merizalde

AQ is proud to offer the second installment of "Cultura," our in-depth look at art and culture in Latin America and the Caribbean. In this issue, we sample the incredible diversity of the region's indigenous heritage, exploring artistic movements that are both steeped in tradition and constantly evolving. 

This edition includes a selection of five poems in indigenous languages from some of the hemisphere's most significant contemporary poets; a profile of Quechua singer Luzmila Carpio; a portfolio of art centered on indigenous identity by Mariana Castillo Deball; and much more. Enjoy. 

How Luzmila Carpio Became Quechua's Global Music Ambassador

Luzmila Carpio helped bring the sounds of the Andean Quechua tradition into the 21st century.

Indigenous Imagery in the Art of Mariana Castillo Deball

The work of multidisciplinary artist Mariana Castillo Deball explores the use and abuse of indigenous imagery.

Argentina's Tonolec Experiments With Tradition

An interview with the Argentine electronic duo on finding fulfillment by exploring their roots.

The Photography of 'Indigenous Voices'

Photographer Liliana Merizalde explains the stories behind her photography featured in the second installment of AQ's "Cultura."

Why a Quechua Novelist Doesn't Want His Work Translated

Pablo Landeo Muñoz insists that his Quechua novel, Aqupampa, remain without translation into Spanish.

Understanding Indigenous Identity through Film

A look at two films that touch on indigenous themes in very different ways: Embrace of the Serpent and To Have Done With the Judgment of God
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