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The Amazon Today

The Amazon Today

Articles: Let’s Cut Amazon Deforestation to Zero. Here’s How. by Beto Veríssimo How a seemingly audacious goal to protect the Amazon makes economic sense. Full text available. Why Amazon Tribes Are Losing the Fight Against New Dams – Again by Juliana Barbassa Another fight between developers and indigenous tribes is raging deep in the rain … Read more

Trade is Back!

Trade Is Back!

Articles: Ask the Experts: Trade is Back! by Ann Lee, John Manley, Shihoko Goto and Antoni Estevadeordal How can Latin American economies better engage global trade partners as they recover from the end of the commodities boom? Full text available. Charticle: How We Trade in the Hemisphere by Barbara Kotschwar and Nicolas Albertoni For the … Read more

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Technology in Latin America

Articles: Robots in Your Future by James Bosworth Getting a grip on technology—before it gets a grip on us. Full text available. Interview: Javier Olivan, Facebook by Americas Quarterly Facebook’s Javier Olivan on the future of social media in Latin America. Full text available. Decoding the Digital Cold War by Ellery Roberts Biddle Could newly … Read more


The Decline of U.S. Power?

Articles: A Post-Hegemonic Paradise in Latin America? by Daniel W. Drezner How the region can turn a multipolar world to its advantage, and stay friendly with the U.S. Full text available. Latin America and UN Climate Talks: Not in Harmony by Guy Edwards and Timmons Roberts COP15 and the fissures inside the Latin American bloc. … Read more

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Cuba and Colombia

Articles: published article?1 A Skeptic’s View on the “Peace Dividend” by Alberto Bernal The economic benefits are neither direct nor certain. The Obstacles to Political Integration Post-Peace by Juanita León The obstacles to political integration. Full text available. Law and Reconciliation in Colombia by Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes and Nelson Camilo Sanchez Here’s how to achieve … Read more

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Higher Education and Competitiveness

Articles: The Future of Latin American Studies by Charles Hale The prospects have never been better. Full text available. published article?1 Protest U. by Indira Palacios-Valladares Latin America’s students are angry—and getting angrier. Student Debt in the Americas by Carolina Ramírez A threat to the region’s middle class? Full text available. Academic Brain Drain by … Read more


Consulta Previa and Investment

Articles: Country Study: Peru by Cynthia Sanborn and Álvaro Paredes Full text available. Country Study: Chile by Jerónimo Carcelén Pacheco and Valentina Mir Bennett Full text available. Country study: Guatemala by Silvel Elías and Geisselle Sánchez Full text available. Country Study: Colombia by Diana María Ocampo and Sebastian Agudelo Full text available. Reducing the Financial … Read more

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Our Cities, Our Future

Articles: Extreme Sustainable City Makeover: New York by Michael Sorkin How to make a city self-sufficient, neighborhood by neighborhood. Full text available. National to City, Diagnosis to Funding by Ellis J. Juan The IDB tackles climate change at the municipal level. Full text available. From “Make-Sicko” back to Mexico City: The Greening of Mexico’s Distrito … Read more

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Media in the Americas: Threats to Free Speech

Articles: Journalists Speak Out by Carlos Dada, Jorge Ramos, Ricardo Uceda, Tim Padgett, Michèle Montas-Dominique and Alfredo Corchado Past winners of the Maria Moors Cabot Gold Medal for reporting on the Americas assess the future of journalism in the region. (video available) Full text available. Breaking Up is Hard to Do by Silvio Waisbord Tackling … Read more

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Energy in the Americas

Articles: Power Shift by Jason Bordoff and Michael Levi Will the Western Hemisphere overtake the Middle East? (video available) Full text available. The Rising Global Thermostat: What business can do to lower the temperature by Ban Ki-moon What business can (and should) do to lower the temperature. Full text available. The Irrelevance of Global Climate … Read more

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Latin America Goes Global

Articles: Latin America Goes Global by Jorge Heine A newfound sense of solidarity and purpose drives the region’s multilateral trade strategies. Available online soon. published article?1 Latin America Goes Global by Jorge Heine A newfound sense of solidarity and purpose drives the region’s multilateral trade strategies. Ten Things You Didn’t Know About U.S.-Latin America Relations … Read more

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Natural Resource Extraction in Latin America

Articles: The Geopolitics of the Modern Resource Boom by Bernice Lee Prepare for more supply disruptions, price swings and political tensions. Full text available. Resource Nationalism: Beyond Ideology by Hal Weitzman The hemisphere revives an old policy standby. Available online soon. published article?1 Resource Nationalism: Beyond Ideology by Hal Weitzman The hemisphere revives an old … Read more


Latin America’s Real Middle Class

Articles: Not Poor, But Not Middle Class Yet by Luis Felipe López-Calva Defining the middle class reveals a new vulnerable segment, and a new policy challenge. Full text available. Latin America’s Middle Class in Global Perspective by Jamele Rigolini Different patterns of economic growth in BRIC countries have brought different social changes. Full text available. … Read more


Gender Equality: Political Backrooms, Corporate Boardrooms and Classrooms

Articles: Beyond Equal Rights by Michelle Bachelet The region’s prospects for prosperity hinge on the economic empowerment of women. Full text available. Women’s Rights & U.S. Foreign Policy by Melanne Verveer Why unleashing women’s and girls’ potential is good diplomacy. Full text available. Cholera and the Road to Modernity: Lessons from One Latin American Epidemic … Read more


Social Inclusion

Articles: Global Poverty Amid Global Plenty: Getting Globalization Right by Dani Rodrik To lift their people out of poverty, nations need to enter the global economy. Full text available. Social Exclusion and Political Change by Hauke Hartmann and Daniel Schraad-Tischler When do inequality and economic frustration erupt into political turmoil? Full text available. A Matter … Read more

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