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Falling Apart?

The Crackdown Continues Is Latin America’s Corruption Crackdown Falling Apart? Saving it will require courage, smart reforms – and honesty about its problems. A new issue of AQ explores why. What Latin America’s “Corruption Busters” Got Right – and Wrong By BRIAN WINTERAn overview of the popular but struggling movement, and ideas on how to … Read more


China-Latin America 2.0

China-Latin America 2.0 What the Next Phase Will Look Like  Many Latin Americans are delighted by China’s growing presence – and largesse. But there is a clear need for change. Bolsonaro Took Aim at China. Then Reality Struck. By RICHARD LAPPERBrazil’s Jair Bolsonaro talked tough on China during his campaign, but his tone has changed … Read more


Piracy in Latin America

Special Report How to Stop Piracy – and Protect Latin America’s Geniuses Piracy and counterfeiting make life miserable for the region’s creative workers. They deserve better.  The Insidious Device Revolutionizing Piracy in Latin America By JONATHAN FRANKLINA little black box spells mayhem for the entertainment industry. Smuggled from China, it makes stealing content as easy as … Read more


Urban Visionaries

Special Report Introducing Latin America’s Top 5 “Urban Visionaries” How to make cities better? In this new issue of AQ, an inspiring group of Latin Americans shows why collaboration is just as important (really!) as money. AQ Top 5: Aline Cavalcante By MANUELA ANDREONIA cycling enthusiast-turned-activist wanted to make the perilous streets of São Paulo … Read more


Reducing Homicides

Special Report ENOUGH! Latin America’s Murder Epidemic Needs Urgent, Democratic Solutions Latin America’s murder epidemic has no easy fix. But there is reason for hope in the innovative – and in some cases, inspiring – work underway by researchers, activists, politicians and law enforcement officials. Curbing Homicide: What Works/What Doesn’t By BRENDAN O’BOYLEWhich policies have … Read more


Rebuilding Venezuela

Special Report Meet 10 People Who Will (One Day) Rebuild Venezuela Rebuilding Venezuela will require a diverse mix of people with great talent and realistic goals. This issue profiles 10 of them – and takes a hard look at the challenges ahead. The Politician: David Smolansky By BRIAN WINTERExiled in Washington, the 32-year-old David Smolansky … Read more


Latin America First?

Special Report Time for a Cleanup Corruption will be the defining issue in Latin America’s 2018 elections. Anti-establishment nationalists like Jair Bolsonaro and Andrés Manuel López Obrador stand to benefit – unless more moderate candidates also embrace the cause.    System Failure: Behind the Rise of Jair Bolsonaro By BRIAN WINTERHow a retired Army captain rose … Read more


Colombia’s Challenge

Special Report Colombia’s Challenge: A Special Report AQ‘s latest issue looks at how Colombia can consolidate peace – and ensure prosperity for more of its citizens. Rebirth, or Relapse? Colombia Hits a Post-War Turning Point. By JOHN OTISNew economic opportunities are creeping into Colombia’s troubled countryside. More are needed to help keep the peace. Who’s … Read more


Latin American Youth

Great Expectations: What’s It Like to Be 18 in Latin America? by Juliana Barbassa and Brian Winter In AQ’s new issue, our special report on a generation that wants it all – but may struggle to achieve it. Full text available. Today’s Latin American Dream: A Decent Job by Brandee McHale and Azita Berar Awad … Read more


Indivisible: A Special Issue on the U.S. and Mexico

Indivisible: The Truth About the U.S. and Mexico by Brian Winter Let’s improve the relationship, not destroy it. A new issue of AQ looks at where U.S.-Mexico ties stand today, and where they’re headed. Full text available. 5 People Who Bring Mexico and the U.S. Closer Together by AQ Editors AQ’s Top 5 Border Ambassadors … Read more


Young Entrepreneurs

Introducing AQ’s Top 5 Young Entrepreneurs in Latin America by AQ Editors From Brazil to Colombia and beyond, the region is a hive of dynamic, creative businesspeople. More should be done to help them.Full text available. Lessons from AQ’s Top 5 Entrepreneurs by AQ Editors Our AQ Top 5 traveled different routes to success, but … Read more


Fixing Brazil

Marina Was Right. Will She Be Brazil’s Next President? by Brian Winter The environmentalist who predicted the crisis is now a contender for 2018. But she has her own challenges to face.Full text available. Ciro? Serra? 10 Candidates Who Could Become Brazil’s Next President by Brian Winter A very early look at the race to … Read more

Memos to the Next President

Memos to the Next President

Rethink the War on Drugs, President Santos Says by President Juan Manuel Santos The U.S. and Latin America should work to strike criminal organizations where it hurts them most – their finances. Full text available. Heal the Relationship With Mexico by Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan It will take much more than “xenophobia, irresponsibility and total disregard … Read more

Central America

Which Future for Central America?

Articles: Central America Is As Violent As Ever. What Would it Take to Change? by Richard Lapper Thirty years after covering wars in the “Northern Triangle,” a veteran reporter returns to find several reasons for hope amid the violence. Full text available. Where Are Central America’s Real Jobs? by Richard Lapper The Northern Triangle lags … Read more

Corruption Busters

Corruption Busters

Articles: The Amazing Case That Proved Latin America’s Crackdown on Corruption Is For Real by Brian Winter If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere. Full text available. Time to Clean Up: A Case For Greater Transparency in the Americas by Jorge Medina Méndez Why the costs of corruption are too high for executives, … Read more

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