Politics, Business & Culture in the Americas

Connectivity and the Digital Divide

Articles: Digital Democracy by Dr. Tabaré Vázquez Ensuring that students have access to computers and the skills to use them will make Uruguay the most wired country in the world. Full text available. published article?1 Can You Pay Me Now? by Richard Lapper In providing banking services through cell phones, Africa leads Latin America. published … Read more


Where is Latin America Heading?

Articles: Democracy’s Growing Pains Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former president of Brazil, and Ricardo Lagos, former president of Chile, in a candid conversation with Moisés Naím, Editor-in-Chief of Foreign Policy. Two of Latin America’s leading political figures confide that one of the region’s greatest challenges in political polarization. Full text available. published article?1 New Leaders, New … Read more


Social Mobility: Innovations and Constraints

Articles: Back to Basics by José Antonio Ocampo Universal welfare programs are returning to the social policy mix in the hemisphere. By their very nature, limited social assistance policies have limited impact. Full text available. published article?1 Counting the Poor by Sanjay G. Reddy The first step in designing effective programs to reduce poverty in … Read more


Coping with (In)Security

Articles: published article?0 Swimming Against the Tide by Jason Marczak Panorama: Fall 2007 We’re All in This Together by Admiral Jim Stavridis The head of U.S. Southern Command asseses the unconventional security threats facing the region, ranging from narcotics and gang violence to terrorism. The solution, he argues, is hemisphere-wide cooperation. Full text available. Civic … Read more


Memos to the President Elect

Articles: Let’s Confront Global Challenges Together by Michelle Bachelet “The world is ripe for a renewed and strengthened multilateralism, and the support of the U.S. will be decisive.” Full text available. Reexamine the War on Drugs by Carlos Basombrio “We still need the United States at our side to advance the cause of human rights … Read more


Our Immigrant Hemisphere

Articles: Not Another Generation by Tamar Jacoby A realistic, permanent solution to the 12 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. means fixing its visa system. Here’s how. Full text available. We Are All Immigrants Now by Sergio Muñoz Bata Recognizing our shared history and how other countries have adapted to immigration is the first step … Read more


Corporate Social Responsibility

Articles: How to Fulfill the Promise of CSR by Richard E. Feinberg If hemisphere business leaders and their government counterparts truly want to address the full potential of corporate social responsibility to improve quality of life, they will need to be more creative. Full text available. Beyond Philanthropy by Bill Gates Microsoft’s founder argues that … Read more

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