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AQ Podcast: Uruguay’s Lessons for the World

A Uruguayan journalist on how the country's success story was built and why it is still far from perfect.
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In many ways, Uruguay is in a class of its own in Latin America. The country has the region’s highest per capita income, its lowest poverty rate and among its lowest levels of inequality. Uruguay’s energy matrix is the region’s greenest and its economy is forecast to grow a healthy 3.6%. In a time of extreme polarization in Latin America and the rest of the world, its political culture is marked by civility. The new issue of Americas Quarterly is about Uruguay and what we can all learn from what is arguably Latin America’s greatest modern success story. In this episode, Brian Winter and journalist Martín Aguirre, head of El País, discuss how Uruguay got there, the limitations of this success and where the country is headed.

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Martín Aguirre is director of El País

Brian Winter is AQ’s editor-in-chief

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