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Energy & Commodities
A plan to tax basic goods has created unlikely bedfellows.
A Chinese firm wants to invest billions, but has met resistance.
Despite Mexico’s new trade deal, economic challenges abound. Will rising oil prices help make the president-elect’s dreams a reality?
A National Assembly-proposed bankruptcy law shows the depths of the challenges PDVSA faces.
From arms factories to Rosneft’s investments, Vladimir Putin’s actions in Venezuela reveal his desire to create turbulence close to the U.S.
Ahead of next year's election, criticism surrounds Evo Morales' efforts to take advantage of a global energy trend.
A look at the sugar and ethanol industry shows why trade barriers are not the best response to globalization’s pressures.
Guyana – population 1 million – could soon become a major oil player. A sovereign wealth fund will help it make the most of the opportunity.
Depois de anos de incerteza financeira, o gigante do petróleo brasileiro voltou da beira do abismo—e está vencendo os concorrentes regionais.
After years of financial uncertainty, the Brazilian oil giant is back from the brink – and beating regional competitors.


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