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Social Inclusion & Development
The São Paulo mayor's approach to fighting addiction ignores history's lessons.
AQ’s columnist visited the Brazil-Venezuela border region, and found both strains and a desire to help.
Brazil has few black politicians – and fewer who represent black interests. A new party hopes to change that.
Communities and public officials struggle with a growing influx of Venezuelans fleeing hunger, instability.
Research shows this comes at great social, economic and environmental cost.
Shortages and a crumbling economy have forced Venezuelans to change their eating habits; many are losing weight and battling malnutrition.
Reports of anti-LGBT hate crimes in Brazil reached new highs in 2016, but performers like As Bahias e a Cozinha Mineira are undeterred.
Three figures who broke their own glass ceilings discuss the panorama for political representation in Latin America.
Two bills in Mexico’s Congress seek to help reintegrate deportees – and take advantage of their talent.
How Chile's Afro-descendant rights groups are pushing for inclusion in the national census.


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