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How Latin America’s Next Oil Power Can Avoid the Resource Curse

It’s an oft-stated parallel that is worth repeating: A big oil discovery in a country is like winning the lottery. And what happens to lottery winners? Almost 70 percent of them declare bankruptcy within seven years. Something similar happens to some countries after they strike it rich with natural resources. Massive inflows of money combined … Read more


Green Envy: What Argentina Is Learning from Chile’s Renewable Energy Boom

Argentines don’t like it when their neighbors across the Andes get the better of them. But few will deny that when it comes to green energy, Chile has the upper hand. Over the past three years, Chile has turned itself into the continent’s renewable energy powerhouse, while Argentina’s green promise has remained unfulfilled.  That may … Read more

Oil Rig

Uruguay Oil Investment Bucks Global Pullback

After decades of standing by as neighbors Brazil and Argentina struck it rich in oil, Uruguay is getting into the action. Oil majors Total, ExxonMobil and Statoil are all making big investments in the tiny South American country, attracted by new projections that Uruguay may hold an “elephant” of an oil field. Problem is, with oil … Read more

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