The Long View
Long before Brazil's Bolsonaro took cues from a YouTuber, a controversial "prophet" was calling the shots in Argentina.
Prior to the coup, an early computer network sought to more closely monitor Chile's economy.
The Middle Kingdom is hardly new to Latin America. One trade route dates back to the 16th century, and had major historical implications.
Latin American nations helped preserve Antarctica for peaceful purposes, a story still relevant today.
In the 1970s, a wave of Cuba-related bombings and other attacks swept America.
Dr. José Gaspar de Francia turned 19th-century Paraguay into an authoritarian hermit state.
The startling find that revealed a grim and intentionally obscured aspect of the past.
William O. Jenkins helped shape modern Mexico – and made a fortune while at it.
The Mexican-American War was pivotal in the history of both countries, even though the U.S. would prefer to forget it ever happened.
Brazil's rubber "soldiers" paved the way for the region's transformation.


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