foreign policy
Culture wars – not free markets – have been the driving force behind Brazil’s new diplomacy. That could change in 2020.
Common threats – and opportunities – call for greater collaboration, writes the commander of U.S. Southern Command.
Human rights abusers' efforts to gain seats on the UN body prove its relevance.
AMLO no ha respondido a la crisis venezolana como muchos esperaban. ¿Por qué?
The new president’s foreign policy revolution creates unprecedented risks for Brazil – and depends on untested international partnerships.
While the U.S. and others expel diplomats, Brazil’s decision not to criticize Russia reveals its uncertain position in the changing global order.
Provided a moderate wins in 2018, Brazil could quickly regain some of the diplomatic heft it lost under Rousseff and Temer.
Brazil's dramatic foreign policy shifts actually follow something of a pattern.
Peru’s president has a unique chance to show Trump how much the region has changed for the better.
Brazil’s withdrawal from the world is damaging the rest of the continent, even as it becomes a battleground in Rousseff’s impeachment.


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