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Entrepreneurship & Job Creation
At just 22, this Argentine is using 3D printers to revolutionize access to prostheses.
This Salvadoran social worker is sparking children's curiosity about reading - and the world.
This former Wall Street banker found a new calling by working to democratize education in Brazil.
To help her country rebuild after the 2010 earthquake, this young Haitian found she first had to break a glass ceiling.
This entrepreneur's alternative energy source is transforming farms across Mexico.
Our annual list spotlights five enterprising businesspeople who are making an impact – and a profit.
New economic opportunities are creeping into Colombia’s troubled countryside. More are needed to help keep the peace.
William O. Jenkins helped shape modern Mexico – and made a fortune while at it.
Nuevas oportunidades económicas están surgiendo en zonas rurales de Colombia. Se necesitan más para ayudar a mantener la paz.
Marcelo Ramos and Gabriela Romualdo started selling craft beer out of a converted garage in Rio. Now, they're expanding to other cities in Brazil.


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