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Entrepreneurship & Job Creation
Starting a business in Brazil takes an average of 100 days. São Paulo mayor João Doria wants it to happen in 48 hours.
Greater connectivity and high-quality start-ups increase region’s appeal.
Women in Brazil are forcing their way into tech, but still face barriers to entry; today just 13 percent of start-up entrepreneurs in São Paulo are women.
Join us Feb. 16 or watch the live webcast as the region's brightest young entrepreneurs discuss what it took for them to succeed.
Investors are increasingly placing their bets on Latin America's thriving financial technology startups.
Encouraging science and technology in underserved neighborhoods revitalized Medellín, writes the director of the city's premier startup accelerator.
From Brazil to Colombia and beyond, the region is a hive of dynamic, creative businesspeople. More should be done to help them.
Mujeres emprendedoras e inversionistas líderes compartieron sus historias sobre cómo prosperar en América Latina.
Lograr que startups tecnológicas arranquen es difícil. Este testimonio muestra por qué es aún más difícil para mujeres latinoamericanas.
Leading women entrepreneurs and investors share the lessons that helped them thrive.


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