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Un trato polémico en El Salvador y la estrategia global de China

Este artículo está adaptado de la edición impresa de AQ sobre China y América Latina | Read in English El pasado Julio, Salvador Sanchéz Cerén, el Presidente de El Salvador propuso designar todo un 14% del territorio del país –y alrededor de la mitad de su costa– a una llamada Zona Económica Especial (ZEE). Las ZEEs son comunes, llenas de … Read more


How Central American Youth Test Outdated U.S. Immigration Laws

As Vice President Mike Pence travels to Central America this week, immigrants will be on his mind. They’ve certainly been on the news, and on the president’s agenda. Pence knows that Central American children have been fleeing to the United States. But he should also recognize the staggering scale of this wave, and what’s behind it. Understanding … Read more


18 in Latin America: Soccer Star, or Car Mechanic?

Leer en español This article is adapted from AQ’s print issue on youth in Latin America. It had been a particularly violent day in El Salvador when Maynor walked into a Mister Donut at 7 p.m. sharp for an interview. When the country makes international news, it’s often because of the pandillas, the gangs. That Wednesday … Read more


Book Review: The Salvador Option

Despite decades of military support and millions in development aid, for many Americans El Salvador remains a caricature, caught somewhere between an episode of Gangland and the milieu of sex, alcohol and jungle violence portrayed in Oliver Stone’s 1986 film, Salvador. Those Americans who do spare a thought for the tiny country are prone to … Read more


Save the Lives of Central American Migrants

In the new issue of Americas Quarterly, we asked people, “What would you tell the next U.S. president about Latin America?” To see other authors’ responses, click here. Dear Mister / Madam President, Judging from the rhetoric coming from both parties’ presidential campaigns, immigration will continue to be a hotly contested issue under the next … Read more

Surfing El Salvador

How Surfing Helps El Salvador’s Economy

At the onset of the 1980s, surf tourism in El Salvador seemed like a fading pipe dream. The country’s fledgling industry, which had shown some potential in the 1970s, stalled as Salvadorans braced for civil war. For the next 12 years, as battles raged between the right-wing government and political dissidents of the Farabundo Martí … Read more

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