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The Digital Divide and Social Inclusion

In a world where technology has delivered changes unimaginable even 10 years ago, as well as created sharp divides, it’s only logical that many would see computer proficiency as a fundamental learning skill. Today, quality education requires broad access to information and content, a medium for communication, and tools for analyzing data—all things that computers … Read more


Innovation & Equality in the Information Age: The United States and Brazil

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Look up a definition of the digital divide and you will not find information about patents, trademarks or copyrights. Nor will you find a photo of a trade official or an international bureaucrat. Instead, the explanation will focus on cheap computers, mobile phones and free Internet. There may be some discussion of the skills necessary to use these technologies.

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Bridge the Digital Divide

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For some time now, Latin American countries have been working diligently to reduce what has come to be known as the digital divide: the gap between the huge advances in information technology and those who do not have the access or the digital skills to use that technology. In the private sector, collaboration and mentoring have helped bridge the gap, and business continues to have the greatest potential for progress. Reinforcing a combined effort on the part of regional and U.S.

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