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The Challenge of Doing Business as an Argentine in China

This article is adapted from AQ’s latest issue on China and Latin America My interest in China began many years ago. I was fascinated by Chinese culture and started studying the language in university. After graduating as a lawyer in Argentina, I started working with clients that exported to China and realized the magnitude of the opportunity for … Read more


Argentina’s Milagro Sala: Criminal, or “Political Prisoner”?

SAN SALVADOR DE JUJUY – As Argentina’s crucial midterm elections approach, the country’s growing political divides are on full display. Nowhere is this more clear than in the case of Milagro Sala, a prominent activist in Argentina’s remote northwest who once enjoyed vast influence bolstered by the patronage of then-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as well … Read more


A Kirchner Comeback in Argentina?

If you thought Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was finished with national politics, think again. Less than two years after relinquishing Argentina’s presidency, the 64-year-old Fernández has been meeting with foreign dignitaries, giving primetime interviews, even tweeting out campaign-style videos – in other words, behaving like a candidate for Congress in October’s midterm elections in all but … Read more

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